…And Sometimes Blogging Just Makes You Angry…

So, notwithstanding the wonderful things I said about blogging the other day, sometimes it gets to you. I’m meeting these people with alternate realities to my own (see last post) and sometimes just knowing more about them through others, and you start wondering what’s happening out there.

Most of these frustrations are theological, or lie at the (unfortunate) intersection between theology and politic. (And let me just say for the record that everything is this post, and in fact all my posts here and everywhere, represent my personal view only – they reflect on nothing and no one but myself.) You see, I’m a gay Christian. And, apparently, the desire to still participate in my faith and understand my religion after coming out means I’ll be exposed to some… well, really disturbing shit.

Here are a few examples just from the last few days. These are from blogs I absolutely (absolutely!) love, but in part because they include different viewpoints and/or expose a lot of the crap that’s out there. (You’ll see my deep frustration in the comments at the links below.)

John Shore has a series of posts on a lovely woman protesting anti-gay “Christian” protests. Wonderful stuff, worth a read. In the midst of that we are introduced to a lady, Kathy, doing some interesting things with T-shirts. Which led me to her description and defense (!) of having the head of Exodus speaking at the Gay Christian Network (GCN) conference. Not to say I was that surprised to see something like this happen. GCN takes the position that gay Christians believing that they have no moral choice but celibacy is on par, morally, spiritually and intellectually, with full equality. Gets nauseating after a while. (Just think of the equivalent for any other oppressed minority and you’ll see what I’m talking about.) But an ex-gay panel right at the conference was a new low. – That was Friday.

A great look at anti-gay contradictions was posted on Waking Up Now. This guy has the funniest videos! No, seriously, stop reading this and watch like five of them right now. Then, come back… You know, if the intense laughter hasn’t made you forget about this post entirely. I love reading this stuff, and yet, seeing it also makes you angry. – That was yesterday.

On my favourite blog of all, David Hayward (aka the naked pastor) posts thoughts, art and cartoons. Highly recommended to anyone hurt by Christianity and the church. In comments on a recent cartoon, we have people advocating for (metaphorical – I hope) self-flagellation… That isn’t the sum of my frustration on the comments there today, maybe not even the low point, but it does stand out. The extent to which people can ignore (or at least be settled with) injustice and abuse boggles my mind. Can get kind of depressing. (Btw, literal self-flagellation still occurs today. A long theology of suffering goes with it. I hope the commenter didn’t mean to validate it…) – That was today.

So, while I’ve been virtually meeting a lot of great people lately, I’ve also been seeing a lot more to despair about than I would if I stayed in the non-virtual. But I think it’s good for me. If it wasn’t for blogging I’d probably just mentally stay in my own comfortable world and not emotionally connect with injustices I should be helping to remedy. Feeling it is good. Now, how do I do something about it…?

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